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Most of us have some go-to functions when we code. Once we are used to coding in a certain way, we tend to use the same functions over and over again, even when there may be a much better way. And, as per the Zen of Python, there should be only one — and preferably only one — obvious way to do it!

More often than I would like to admit, I have fallen in this trap as well. For example getting too used to for loops, using prints too often instead of logs and the list goes on. That…

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Ever wondered which sound is present in literally every car you have ever driven? Which distinctive sound has been almost the same since the time that cars became common?

Hint: Click Click Click Click

Yes, the Turn Signal sound!

The turn signal or blinker as it is known in the United States has been in cars almost since cars became common. It is known by various names throughout the world — the indicator in India, Britain, and Australia; Blinklicht or Fahrtrichtungsanzeiger in German (I live here and have still never used the latter).

Ever wondered what creates this distinctive sound…

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Dear coders and software development aspirants. Lets us face a fact here: Regex is scary. Damn scary. Why? I hear you ask.

Because it is a series of characters and symbols that (to untrained eyes) can appear as intimidating as trying to read signboards at a foreign language street. It kind of makes the term “Regular Expressions” or Regex in short, ironic.

I avoided regex at all costs, and for far too long than I would like to admit. But one day I decided it was high time that I learned to use it.

Regex is an extremely important part…

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Seeker of the Convergence between Creativity and Logic | Storyteller | Data Analytics @ Audi AG

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